Math Class via Skype

Yesterday we had a very interesting Math class which involved playing a game against another class on Skype. We played a guessing game where each team had to think of a secret number between 1-99. The opposing team would try to guess that number by asking only yes and no questions. Our opponents were the 4th graders in Mrs. Egesdal’s class from Forest City Elemtary School in Iowa. We split each class into 3 groups to do three rounds of the game. We had fun coming up with questions and trying to keep track of what numbers were possible answers. Our thinking caps were on! Is your number even? Is the number less than 50? Is it a multiple of 9? The students did a great job but we were beat by the 4th graders – 2 to 1. We thought it was a funny coincidence that for the first round, both classes had chosen the same number as their secret number – 67!

Thanks for playing with us Forest City 4th graders! Special thanks also goes out to Elle Deyamport for giving us the idea on her Language Journeys blog

3 thoughts on “Math Class via Skype

  1. A big thank you to St. Ignatius 3rd graders, we had a great time playing the math game. Thanks for sharing your blog, I check it often. We are working on a skit that we would like to perform for you in about a month, hope to see you then.

  2. Hello Friends!

    I am so thrilled that you tried out the 0-99 Guess Game! We definitely had fun with that game. Let us know if you would like to join us on the fun. We may plan some multiplication games in our class soon.


    Mrs. Deyamport & 3rd Grade TEA Timers

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