Collaborations with New Zealand

This year we have been collaborating with Mrs. Rivett’s Year 3 class from the Point View Primary School in Auckland, New Zealand.  In the fall, our students connected through a wiki, exchanging Flat Stanley’s and by chatting in Edmodo.  During the Christmas season, the Kiwi class went on summer break.  For our collaborations with the new group of students in Room 14, we each mailed out a stuffed animal common in our area but not in the other country.  So my class sent Chiplet the chipmunk to New Zealand and Mrs. Rivett sent us a beautiful fantail bird.  Each student takes a turn spending time at home with the animal and we post stories and photos so the other class can see the adventures that each animal is having in the other country.  Click the links below to visit those blogs.  Parents and friends, feel free to comment on either blog to let us know what you think.  Next week we will be Skyping with Mrs. Rivett’s class so check back for photos and video of that exciting event.

Fantail’s Adventures in the USA

Chiplet’s Kiwi Adventures

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