Flat Friends are on the Way!

This year my students and I have been reading different Flat Stanley books as a part of the Common Core Standard to compare themes, settings and plots from stories written by the same author about the same characters. Because we were having so much fun with it, we decided to mail out our own Flat Friends to different state and countries to learn more about them. The Flat Friends were mailed out today to 12 different states and 14 different countries some of which include Denmark, Lebanon, Ireland, New Zealand, England, Australia and more! The hosting families and schools will spend time with our Flat Friends and then mail us back some info and pictures. We are excited to hear about how much fun our Flat Friends have in these different places. We have created a wiki to track our friends and share our learning and photos.  You can visit that here – http://stanleysis.wikispaces.com/

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