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I hope you are all having a relaxing summer vacation!  My family and I took an exciting trip to England and Ireland this summer.  We saw some amazing sights and learned a lot of new things while we were there.  Here are some differences that we notices between USA and England.

1. My daughter, Deanna, and I don’t like soda so we usually order lemonade when we go out to eat.  In England if you ask for a lemonade, you get a Sprite or 7 UP.   We had to ask for “cloudy” lemonade or “still” lemonade to get what we were use to at home.  To them soda is called a “fizzy drink.”  That’s why our lemonade is considered “still” because it has no fizz.

2. In England if you order “chips” you get what we call French Fries.  In order to get potato chips, you have to ask for “crisps.”

3. The bathroom is sometimes called a loo or a water closet.

4. We saw these neat Coke bottles that had people’s names on them.  Couldn’t find my name (Tina) or Deanna’s but we found Mr. Schmidt and Rebecca.

Coke bottles with names

Coke bottles with names

We went on a neat ride called the London Eye.  It is a giant Ferris wheel.  The “cars” you ride in are actually giant, glass, air conditioned pods that hold about 25 people.  It moves very slowly taking about 30 minutes to go all the way around and giving you great views of the city.

London Eye

London Eye

My family inside the Eye

My family inside the London Eye

I’d love to hear about what you are doing over the summer?  Have you taken a fun trip or learned something new?  Please click the word “Comments” under the blog title (Summer Fun) and scroll down to leave me a comment.  Type in your name and comment.  Please note that your message will not show up right away because I have to approve all comments before they are seen on the blog.  I’d love to hear from new students, past students or other friends visiting our blog!




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  1. We went on a cruise on the Carnival Pride. We went in the pools. It was salt water – ugh! I went to Camp Carnival – Woo! The best part was miniture golf – never forget. We started in Baltimore and then went to 3 islands named Grand Turk, Half Moon Cay, and Freeport. We were at Freeport 2 years ago when we were on the Carribean of the Seas. The trip was awesome:) !

  2. Sounds like a great trip Thomas! I was on a cruise once but it was a long time ago. I liked the food and the different places we visited.

    • This summer I went to LBI. It was fun because we rented a beach house with my brothers’ friend. We were really close to the beach. The beach was cold but we made a sand castle it was so much fun. Then I went to Ireland and saw my cousins my grandparents and that was my summer.

  3. This summer I went to LBI, Vermont, and North Carolina. In LBI we went bogie boarding. It was so fun! We stayed up really late! Then we went to Vermont. We went tubing. I loved it! We also went swimming. After that we went to North Carolina we went swimming and bogie boarding it was awesome!

  4. I went to LBI. Some waves on the beach wear great for bogy boarding. I had so much fun. After we went home two days later we went back for an anniversary.

  5. Well my sister is on a travel basketball team and the whole team went to Virginia Beach. At the hotel we got to run around and play. The next place I went was Washington DC. I saw the white house. The hotel was really nice and big. Elaina’s team got 9th place that was their first trophy. They were in the news paper too! Also we went to ocean city Maryland to pick up my cousins but we still went to the beach. I was so close to getting a hermit crab. On the way home we got Mexican food and then we went home. I loved my whole summer! My cousins had a lot of parties and I went to them and they were really fun! I also went to New York and went swimming in the pool and there were 5 dogs there and we went on the trampoline I had a lot of fun there. I went to my mountain house for two weeks with my cousins! I went swimming in the pool a lot!! I went to sky zone 2 times and sky zone is like a big room with trampoline walls and the ground and there’s like a tumble track but made out of trampolines and I got my Ariel on the trampoline!!!

  6. I went New York on a fishing trip. I went on a big boat it was fun
    And I went to will wood beach. It was a fun trip I got a lot of
    Stuff on the boardwalk and played a lot of games it was really fun.
    And I all sow went to Dave and busters.

  7. I went to LBI with my cousins then I went to Atlantic City. At Atlantic City the week before my sister hurt her leg and we were there for a dance competition and my dad said if she wins she will get a I phone her friends won so she still got an I phone and I got her I pod. Then I went to Sea Isle. My cousins invited my sister and I to LBI again we stayed for three days. Then a few days after I got home, my cousin had a baby his name was Joe Thomas Devito he is like the 10th Joe in my family. The few weeks of summer left I did summer dance classes and playing. My summer was really fun. A few day later not in the summer vacation but in the beginning of the school year I went on Ell Toro and rolling thunder and on a spiny thing I went on the swings they are 252 feet up then we went on the parachutes the were 206 feet up it was really fun!

  8. This summer I went to Myrtle Beach with my family. I went to Magi and to Shell world and to the beach. I saw a dragon at magi and I saw lots of cool shells. My family had a 12 hour drive. We went on a Ferris Wheel too.

  9. I went to Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Lego land in Florida. My dad had fun on the Project x water ride. I also went to Atlanta and the coca cola factory in Atlanta it was fun. And the Aquarium we saw jelly fish and very big sharks and saw stingrays and I got shark teeth they were big.

  10. This summer I went to Virginia. We rented a house on a mountain. In the back yard, we had a very long creek. My dad and I went very far down the creek, I fell in three times. We were at least two to three miles to the closest grocery store down the mountain. We went to a little town and went in some shops. One of the shops I picked out a necklace but I had an American express card so it didn’t work. The next day my parents took my family to two thrift shops. In the first thrift shop I saw an olden day phone and lots of records. In the second shop I bought a necklace and the lady gave me a paper fan, she gave my sisters and I lollipops. We went on a very long hike up and down the mountain, at the bottom there was a waterfall. After that, we went to Monticello, Thomas Jefferson’s house. We saw where all the slaves worked. The last day we went to a pool. Then the next morning we got up early and drove home. I had a lot of fun on my trip.
    I learned a lot on this trip there. That was my summer.

  11. This Summer I went to LMT pool. I went to the Poconos and my mother got sprayed by a bat! And our condo was haunted! The legend was there was a ghost at Shawnee. I didn’t believe it, and the first day we went to the zoo, and I milked a pig and a goat. It was adorable. The next day I went fishing my Dad caught a baby fish and a can of sprite. Then the next day I went to the biggest barrels of candy in the Poconos. I had no idea how many treats there were in the Poconos. And then the next day I took a hike, and I went to swim against ‘’The Fish of The Mountains.

  12. This summer I went to Washington D.C. I went to the museums of Natural History
    and a lot more museums. Also I went to the Jefferson Memorial and the Lincoln
    Memorial and behind Lincoln ere is a hole and after that my family went to go to
    Eat lunch. After lunch we went to are hotel and went to the pool. When
    We left the pool we had dinner then we went to bed. The next day we went
    To the theater were Lincoln got shot in the head when we were there we asked
    a lot of questions.


    This summer my mom had a baby boy! I went to Bryn mawr Hospital to see him.
    His name is Henry Charles. My birthday was also this summer. For my party, I brought some friends and we went to the Crayola Factory!
    I went to Harrisburg a lot because most of my family is there.
    At the end of the summer, I went to Hersey Park!
    What a good way to end the summer!

  14. I went to Williamsburg this summer. I went to Busch Gardens. I my mom dad and two brothers rode a rollercoaster called Grover’s Alpine Express. I also rode Apollo’s Chariot. My brothers on the other hand rode all the roller coasters. I also bought a thermos. The roller coasters names were The Griffon, Alpengeist, The LochNessMonter, Apollo’s Chariot, Grover Alpine Express, and the newest one is called Verbolten. Verboten means forbidden in German. I also went to Colonial Williamsburg. It was very very stinky. When I had lunch at one of the taverns the food was very very good. While I was there I went to Water Country USA it was fun I found a duck I mean tracking finding. I rode a ride called Big Daddy Falls. We went through two tunnels one water fall.

  15. This summer I went to down the shore and I had a lot of fun. I went to this haunted golf it was kind of spooky. There was this upside down ride the best was the fairs well. The ocean was great one wave knocked me down and on the beach I made a sandcastle. Ocean City was awesome also when it was night there was fireworks. The play Grease was there and it was cool. That was my favorite part. Also another one of my favorite parts is that my friend autumn was there. I went to Costa Rica to I went to see my dad’s cousin to. I went riding on a horse to hope I can go there again soon.

  16. This summer I went to Bermuda for the second time. I went jet skiing for 75 minutes. And I went to a cave. This summer I also went to summer camp for 7 weeks. I had a world cup my team was France. I also saw some of my friends.
    I also had a carnival at my camp. I had the best summer ever. I even went to my dad’s work building. This summer was awesome.

  17. This summer I went to Vermont. and me and my cousins went tubing. and we got stuck on the boat but my dad fixed it and we went home and went to a pie farm and it had an old dog. Then we went home. We went for a swim. Then we had dinner. And then we had a midnight snack but we left lots of crumbs we were planning to go swimming at midnight but none of the adults would volunteer to watch us. So we plaid It for another night like the last night and on Thursdays are other cousins are coming there names are Sophia and Joseph and we claimed a mounting It was fun but we were tiered and thirsty so we went home.

  18. This summer I went to HERSHEY PARK. I also went FISHING at the beach and went to the Poconos. I also went to bible camp. I also took swimming lessons. I also took a ride on a jet ski. Summer was awesome.

  19. In June I went to the beach at Ocean City Maryland for 4 days and we went to the pool there and went in the lazy river down the big slide and at the sandy beach.
    We went to and art class another art class and a cooking class

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