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100 Word Challenge #3 by Meredith and Maggie

September 20, 2013 by Mrs. Schmidt · 1 Comment · Uncategorized

One day Anna and Lily came home from school and discovered that they were moving to the top of a mountain. They went to find their mom.  They looked in the kitchen and the radio was on.  Lily heard that there was going to be a snowstorm but her Mom didn’t hear it. Then their mom said to start packing.  When their family was finished packing, they started up the mountain. Then the snow storm hit.  Anna and Lily fell.  An hour later they got up and saw that the storm was done. Their parents were looking over them.  And then they saw a bright light



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  • Ms. Sargent

    Hi Meredith and Maggie,

    Oh-h-h, you leave me wondering what the bright light meant, and how it was going to be part of your story? Were the girls in trouble from the snowstorm and needed help? At least their parents were with them.

    Are you in Mrs. Schmidt’s class in PA? If so, she and I are friends. We in Salem look forward to connecting with you this year. We are going to send you a package this week.

    Ms. Sargent
    Team 100 WC

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