Mystery Number Skype

This week and last week we had the pleasure of Skyping with 2 third grade classes from St. Joseph School in York, PA.  We played 2 games each week with 2 different teams.  The children could only ask Yes and No questions to gather clues and try to guess the Mystery Number of the other team.  Some examples were:  Is your number even?  Is your number higher then 50?  Is your number a multiple of 5?  We used a hundreds chart to keep track of the clues we were gathering.  Then we narrowed it down until we could take a guess.  We lost the first 2 rounds last week and then learned from our mistakes so we were able to win the last 2 rounds this week.  We had to stay on our toes and think carefully to ask a good question.  Watch this movie to see some photos and videos from the Skype.

Mystery Number Skype December 2014 from Tina Schmidt on Vimeo.


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