Mystery Skype with Clues


Last week we had our first Mystery Skype with clues for this school year!  Each class asked and answered the same 10 questions.  Questions 1-9 gave clues about our area like weather, crops, famous and people and places in the state, landmark clues, etc.  Question 10 gave information about the school environment.  The children worked hard to keep track of our clues and take our best guess as to where they were located.



The class we Skyped with was Ms. Wilcox’s 6th grade from Jefferson School in Conception Junction, Missouri.  They only had 9 students in the 6th grade and only about 130 students in the whole school from PreK-12th grade!  And we thought our school was small with only 275 students from PreK-8th grade.  We learned that they live in a rural area with 3 small towns that are close together and have a strong Catholic influence with a Monastery, a Seminary and a Convent nearby.  We talked about their experiences with tornadoes and our experiences with hurricanes.  Some people born in their state are Jesse James and Brad Pitt.  Famous places from Missouri include the Gateway Arch and the Busch Stadium.  Thanks so much for a fun learning experience!





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