Skype with Antartica

On Friday, we were thrilled to do a Skype with Jean Pennycook in Antartica.  Jean is a researcher who is there studying Adelie penguins to watch them lay and hatch eggs.  When we talked to Jean it was 1 pm for us on Friday but her time was 7 am on Saturday morning.  Jean spends her days watching the penguins and taking notes and photos.  The penguins have laid their eggs and the chicks should be hatching any day now.  Jean was talking to us live from the site of the nests so we could see the penguins in the background moving around.  They were so cute!!  My students were able to ask questions about the penguins and Jean told them the answers as well as explaining how scientists find out that information.   Click HERE to see some video from our Skype.  Please check out my students’ writing on our Kidblogs to learn more about Adelie penguins.  To learn more about the research going on in Antarctica, check out their website – Penguin Science.  Special thanks to Jean and Skype in the Classroom for making this free Skype possible!









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