Book Review – Pony by RJ Palacio

This was a very powerful story that I read in 2 days. I quickly connected with the main character, Silas, who is on a quest to find and save his father who was taken by bandits in this story that is set in the past. Silas can see and talk to ghosts which is an interesting twist to this tale. This is the story of Silas, on his adventurous journey through the scary Woods and of the people who help him along the way. It is the story of mother who loves him very much but is no longer with him. It is a story of the power of love that never dies. Even when the physical body might pass, the power of love carries over into the next life. Being a Science teacher, I liked all of the Science references in this book too. Some people are trying to compare this book to Wonder. Pony and Wonder are 2 very different stories. I don’t think you can compare them or choose one over the other. Both are very powerful with their own unique messages. RJ Palacio’s books always pull at my heart strings and I hope my middle school students will feel the same way when they read this new story, which I will recommend to them. Special thanks to NetGalley for letting me read an advanced copy of this book. #Pony #NetGalley #MiddleGradeFiction

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