100 Word Challenge #3 by Sienna and Juliana

One day I took a walk in the woods and what I saw was so scary.  I screamed because there  was a tiger!  It wanted to eat me!   I hid.  Then it was midnight and I decided to get some fresh air until I saw the tiger again.  But then I saw a bright light in the distance. I was shocked and happy that another person was hunting the cold blooded animal down. It was like a scary dream that never ended until now.  But I was still lost and had no idea what was happening. So I tried to call my family. But……

100 Word Challenge #3 by Meredith and Maggie

One day Anna and Lily came home from school and discovered that they were moving to the top of a mountain. They went to find their mom.  They looked in the kitchen and the radio was on.  Lily heard that there was going to be a snowstorm but her Mom didn’t hear it. Then their mom said to start packing.  When their family was finished packing, they started up the mountain. Then the snow storm hit.  Anna and Lily fell.  An hour later they got up and saw that the storm was done. Their parents were looking over them.  And then they saw a bright light


100 Word Challenge #3 by Niamh and Miranda

One day Emily and I went to the haunted house on the hill.  Right before we went in, we noticed that Ashley had followed us up the hill.  She wanted to go with us into the haunted house.  When we went in, we looked around.  Then I saw a bright light.  It was a ghost!  We ran out of the house but the ghost follow us.  When we got down the hill, the ghost turned around and went back to the house.  We never went back to that haunted house again!


100 Word Challenge #3 by Ricky and Carter

One day after school, I looked out the window at my house and then I saw a bright light. I thought it was an airplane so I went outside and looked.  It was a UFO and there were billions of big green aliens coming out of the ship!  I slipped on board unseen.  They flew out of the ship on hover boards.  They all look weird so I got up and followed them. One came over to me and said hi.  I said hi back and then they ran!  They got back into their ship and flew into space, back to their home planet.


100 Word Challenge #3 by Sophia and Laura

Once upon a time, I was looking out the window. A few minutes later I saw something fly by and then I saw a bright light.  It was moving towards my house! Then I saw butterflies flying and flowers blooming.  I was very surprised.  Then I blinked and it was gone!  I figured it was all just a dream.  It was morning so I crept down the stairs. My mom was in the kitchen.  I told her that I had a weird dream last night.  She said she had a weird dream too.  She started to tell me about how she saw a bright light moving towards the house…


100 Word Challenge #3 by Jessica and Emma

One day I woke up from an afternoon nap and the power was out.  I went to my friends house.  We got a flashlight and went outside to look at the clouds.  There was no light. Then after we looked at the clouds for a while, we went inside.  Then I saw a bright light but it was just the flashlights.  We were so frustrated that we just went to bed. Then in the morning there was a light so we were so happy.  We went outside in our PJ’s and played with our other friends.  It was so fun because there was light.


100 Word Challenge #3 by Colin and Thomas

One night I was in my bed and couldn’t fall asleep.  I looked out my window and then I saw a bright light.  It was a UFO!  I ran outside and the aliens came out and took my neighbor, Colin. Then my friend Thomas came out and saved Colin by hitting him with a sword. Then we went back to bed.  But then another alien went to Thomas’ room and wanted revenge.  They tried to take Thomas and Colin tried to save him but the alien took Colin instead. But then we past the bookshelf and Thomas grabbed a book and knocked him over. We ran for our lives!

100 Word Challenge #3 by Sara and Erin

It was a dark and stormy night, and I looked out my window and wished I could go outside.  Then I looked at my brother and he was playing with his toys.  I looked at my mother and she was mending my shirt.  And I looked at my sister and she was watching television.   I looked at my dad and he was in the kitchen making dinner. Then I looked at my – Hey, where’s my grandma? I walked down the hallway and then I saw a bright light come from the cellar.  I slowly walked to the door and carefully opened it and…

It was just my grandma!

100 Word Challenge #3 by Aidan, Jack and Lucas

One day I was at the beach.  Something was coming from the water and it felt like an earthquake but it wasn’t. There was something in the water.  Then I saw a bright light.   It was a golden fish!  Everybody was stunned. They all left because they were scared but I didn’t leave.  The golden fish and I became friends.  We decided to take him home and keep him as a pet.  We fed him food and we entered him in a competition.  It won a rarest fish competition.  Later we sold him for 5 million bucks.  But now I wish I had my fish back.

100 Word Challenge #3 by Colby and Matthew B.

Hi my name is Freddie Neutron.  Let me explain to you about the night I saw a bright light.

I was having a sleepover with my friend Jimmy Toad.  We were playing laser tag with a laser tag set and after our 6th round we saw a bright light so we ran for our lives!!  We went into our very dark house. I got my Ipad and turned on the flashlight.  We went upstairs and we played on our iPads, iPods and Kindles.  I looked out the window and then I saw a bright light.  It was a giant monster truck sitting on my front lawn.