Skype with England Blogging Buddies

Today we had a fantastic time Skyping with our Blogging Buddies from Ecton Brook Primary School in England. We learned that their school has 300 students just like ours does! They eat lunch in the dinner hall while we eat in our cafeteria. They mentioned eating biscuits and flapjacks which we would call muffins and pancakes. They told us about their PE classes (what we call Gym) which includes swimming! They have something called Sports Day which sounds like our Field Day where everyone competes in sports games and some students win ribbons. We showed them photos of a big snow storm we had 2 years ago. They told us about how they had enough snow to get off from school one day this year which is unusual for them. We explained how we get off because of snow for a few days each winter, which is fun for us.

We each talked about our favorite professional sports teams like American football, baseball and basketball for us while they talked about England football (soccer), rugby and netball.

We also found that we had many things in common like favorite singers (Taylor Swift and One Direction), books we read (Harry Potter and Danny the Champion of the World), TV shows (Good Luck Charlie), and Movies (James Bond).

It was fun to hear about their after school activities and their experience with having the summer Olympics in their country last year. It was a great learning experience and we hope to do it again sometime!