Learning about Mardi Gras

Today we learned about the celebration of Mardi Gras from Ms. Naugle’s 4th grade class in Louisiana.   Students worked in groups and each group told us about a different aspect of Mardi Gras.  We thought they looked great all decked out in their beads!

We invited the 2nd grade to join us for their very first Skype ever.  They were very excited and well behaved even though we were having a bit of trouble hearing the children due to audio problems.  My 3rd grade students were logged into Edmodo for a back channel chat with some of the Louisiana students during the call.

We saw the colorful masks that can be worn.  People on the floats throw beads, coins called doubloons, footballs, soccer balls and cups.  Coconuts are given out at the Zulu parade.  The crowd watching cheers, “Hey Mister, throw me something!”

We learned that the colors of Mardi Gras are: purple which stands for justice, green which stands for faith, and yellow which stands for power.  About 1 million people descend upon the city of New Orleans for this party and afterwards they collect 8 million pounds of trash!!  We also learned about the King’s cake that they eat.  Hidden inside each cake is a plastic baby.  Whoever gets the piece with the baby has good luck.  It is also up to that person to buy next year’s King cake.  Here is a Mardi Gras dance that they performed for us.  Thanks Ms. Naugle and class  for a great Skype!!