Mystery Number Skype

This week and last week we had the pleasure of Skyping with 2 third grade classes from St. Joseph School in York, PA.  We played 2 games each week with 2 different teams.  The children could only ask Yes and No questions to gather clues and try to guess the Mystery Number of the other team.  Some examples were:  Is your number even?  Is your number higher then 50?  Is your number a multiple of 5?  We used a hundreds chart to keep track of the clues we were gathering.  Then we narrowed it down until we could take a guess.  We lost the first 2 rounds last week and then learned from our mistakes so we were able to win the last 2 rounds this week.  We had to stay on our toes and think carefully to ask a good question.  Watch this movie to see some photos and videos from the Skype.

Mystery Number Skype December 2014 from Tina Schmidt on Vimeo.


Math Class via Skype

Yesterday we had a very interesting Math class which involved playing a game against another class on Skype. We played a guessing game where each team had to think of a secret number between 1-99. The opposing team would try to guess that number by asking only yes and no questions. Our opponents were the 4th graders in Mrs. Egesdal’s class from Forest City Elemtary School in Iowa. We split each class into 3 groups to do three rounds of the game. We had fun coming up with questions and trying to keep track of what numbers were possible answers. Our thinking caps were on! Is your number even? Is the number less than 50? Is it a multiple of 9? The students did a great job but we were beat by the 4th graders – 2 to 1. We thought it was a funny coincidence that for the first round, both classes had chosen the same number as their secret number – 67!

Thanks for playing with us Forest City 4th graders! Special thanks also goes out to Elle Deyamport for giving us the idea on her Language Journeys blog