OREO Stacking Contest

Every year my students and I LOVE taking part in the O.R.E.O. Project run by Jen Wagner as a part of her Projects by Jen.  First we made a prediction about how many Oreos we thought we could stack, then we got to work stacking.  Once a cookie was placed, it could not be moved.  The stack could not be straighten during the stacking either.  Each child tried once and then we stopped to chat about what strategies we used to get a high stack.  Then the children tried a second time.  Congrats to Anna with the highest stack – 29 cookies!!  After 2 tries, we calculated the average of our highest stacks – 20 cookies.  We submitted our average and look forward to seeing what averages other classrooms get.  We are also hoping to Skype with another class to talk about our stacking experience.  Hope you enjoy seeing these photos! Continue reading

Our Really Exciting Online Stacking Project 2013

Once again I took part in the O.R.E.O. Project from Projects by Jen. The children had to stack the cookies as high as they could before they fell down. Once cookies were placed, they could not be moved. Each child had two tries. We wrote down our highest scores and calculated a class average. That average will be entered into the project so we can compare it with classrooms around the world. After the project, we discussed the different strategies that the children used when stacking: Being careful not to bump the desk, some of them used only one hand for cookie placement but others used two hands, being quiet so their partner could concentrate, trying to create a straight stack, using whole cookies without any cracks or breaks, etc. We tried to Skype with a class from Arizona to talk to them about it, but they had technical difficulties. We are looking forward to a rescheduled date so we can compare our results with theirs. Watch this video to see us in action!

Our Really Exciting Online Stacking Project 2013 on PhotoPeach