Skype with Korea

It was Monday night at 8:20 pm for the students in Pennsylvania but it was 9:20 am on Tuesday for the students in Korea when we Skyped this week. My students were back on campus for a Spring concert and Art Fair so it was the perfect opportunity to meet Mr. Corben’s Year 5 (4th grade) class from the Seoul British Forgeign School in South Korea. I had a packed house since many parents and siblings decided to watch to see what our Skypes are all about. Mr. Corben started off by putting the webcam up to the window to give us a view of the city and their elevated playground. He then asked each student to introduce themselves and tell what country they are from. After my class did some introductions, the children asked questions about sports, subjects, favorite games, famous places in our area, etc. We ended the call with the Koren students saying goodbye in the many languages that they speak. It was an a wonderful experience for us. I am not sure who was more excited, the students or their parents!

Ashby de la Zouch, England

Click here to see a short video about their weather.
Click here to see video of what their paper money looks like

Today we had the incredible opportunity to Skype with Mrs. Pimperton’s Year 3/4 classroom all the way from Ashby de la Zouch, England!! We were all so very excited. Each classroom prepared information and photos to share about our schools, town/country, hobbies, money system, sports, flag, climate, famous people and famous places. We enjoyed seeing the photos of the wonderful old castles in England. Read the comments to hear more about what we learned today.

Skype with author, Mike Artell

Yesterday we were able to meet and talk with author and cartoonist, Mike Artell on Skype. Mr. Artell told us about some of the books that he has written which include short stories, drawing books, and riddle books. He is currently working on a chapter book. We asked him questions like who inspired him and what he likes to do in his spare time. As a child, he always liked to make people laugh. He also enjoyed reading Dr. Seuss books. He did not start to draw until he was 27 and he didn’t become an author until he was 40 years old. In his spare time, he plays the guitar in 2 different bands. He also like to play basketball, hang out with friends, and spend time with his 3 grandchildren. A the end, Mr. Artell showed us how to draw a few cartoon characters. Watch the video to see photos. You can learn more about him at Thanks Mr. Artell!
Skype with Mike Artell – 11/2010 on PhotoPeach