Summer Fun


I hope you are all having a relaxing summer vacation!  My family and I took an exciting trip to England and Ireland this summer.  We saw some amazing sights and learned a lot of new things while we were there.  Here are some differences that we notices between USA and England.

1. My daughter, Deanna, and I don’t like soda so we usually order lemonade when we go out to eat.  In England if you ask for a lemonade, you get a Sprite or 7 UP.   We had to ask for “cloudy” lemonade or “still” lemonade to get what we were use to at home.  To them soda is called a “fizzy drink.”  That’s why our lemonade is considered “still” because it has no fizz.

2. In England if you order “chips” you get what we call French Fries.  In order to get potato chips, you have to ask for “crisps.”

3. The bathroom is sometimes called a loo or a water closet.

4. We saw these neat Coke bottles that had people’s names on them.  Couldn’t find my name (Tina) or Deanna’s but we found Mr. Schmidt and Rebecca.

Coke bottles with names

Coke bottles with names

We went on a neat ride called the London Eye.  It is a giant Ferris wheel.  The “cars” you ride in are actually giant, glass, air conditioned pods that hold about 25 people.  It moves very slowly taking about 30 minutes to go all the way around and giving you great views of the city.

London Eye

London Eye

My family inside the Eye

My family inside the London Eye

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