Skype with our Flat Stanley Buddies in Romania

On Thursday, March 15th we were so happy to be able to speak live on Skype with the Bunnies.  They are in 3rd grade at the Mark Twain International School in Bucharest, Romania.  We have been sharing and learning about them for the last few months through our shared wiki and mailing packages of Flat Stanely’s.  We decided to each bring in something from home to share: hobbies, travels, sports, etc.  Skype was causing us some difficulties with audio problems and dropped calls but we made it through.  We are usually 7 hours difference in time but because the US changes to Daylight Savings Time 2 weeks before Romania, we were only 6 hours difference.  Special thanks to Mrs. Milos who was nice enough to keep the students after school for a hour to make this possible.  We were so very impressed with how well they speak English!  Check out these videos to see how much fun we had!