Mystery Skype with New Mexico

Yesterday we had a great time doing a Mystery Skype with Mrs. Maestas and her 2nd graders from the Manzano Day School in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  To make it even more exciting, Mrs. Maestas had a local TV crew there filming us for a piece they are doing on Global Connections!  We answered our usual 10 questions to give clues.  We were very impressed with how well behaved and how well spoken those 2nd graders were!  We learned that their school has about 500 students from PreK- 5th grade with about 4 of each grade level.  They live in an urban area and have about 5,000 people in their city.  Crops that they grow include apples, squash and pumpkins.  Famous people from their state are John Denver and Demi Moore.  We enjoyed hearing about the Balloon Festival that takes place in their state each year and we looked it up to see photos after the Skype.  We also thought it was neat that they see coyote, snakes and road runners in the wild.  We did more research and looked up photos of road runners afterwards too.  We had a fun time during our Skype and we look forward to seeing the news clip!

New Mexico 1

new Mexico 2

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