Summer Time Fun

Hi Boys and Girls!  I hope you are having a fantastic summer so far!  Doesn’t it seem like it’s just flying by?  I wanted to share with you some of the fun things I am doing this summer.

ISTE teachers

In June I traveled to Atlanta, Georgia to attend ISTE which is a huge conference all about using technology in the classroom.  This is a photo of me with teachers from around the world that I work with on projects throughout the school year.  Besides being from several different states, there are teachers from Canada, South Africa and Australia too!  The teacher on the far right is Mrs. Photakis from Australia.  Her school received all of the peace cranes that we made for International Peace Day last year.  It was a lot of fun to meet all of these teachers in person!  I also learned some new fun ways to use technology in our classroom this coming year.


Over the 4th of July weekend, my family and I traveled to Bethany Beach, DE.  I love sitting on the beach and reading, riding bikes on the boardwalk and eating ice cream at the shore!  This is my family: Mr. Schmidt, Deanna (on my left) and Rebecca (on my right).  Deanna is 19 and she attends Cabrini College.  Rebecca is 16 and she attends Archbishop Wood High School.


The other day I took my daughters and my nephew, Danny to visit Hershey Park.  My favorite part is always the ride through Chocolate World to learn about how Hershey’s Chocolate is made.  I love the free candy treat that they give you at the end.


I’ve also been to Sesame Place a few times this year because both of my daughters are working there this summer.  Here we are on a rainy day with Zoe.

I’d love to hear about what you have been doing this summer.  Please share your summer time fun by leaving a comment on this post.  Make sure you have Mom or Dad help you.  Click on the word “Comments” under the title of the post (Summer Time Fun) and scroll down the bottom to write a new comment.  There are more instructions and a video showing how to do it on the Blogging Guidelines/Commenting Page.  Look for that tab at the top of this website above the Welcome banner.  Special thanks to Nicholas for leaving the first comment.  Enjoy the rest of the summer and I’ll see you soon!

Mrs. Schmidt

13 thoughts on “Summer Time Fun

  1. Hi Mrs. Schmidt! It looks like you have been enjoying your summer. I have been spending a lot of time at the shore. My family and I went dolphin waching on a sunset cruise. I also went to a Phillies game with my Dad. I can’t wait to meet you soon!

  2. Hi Nicholas!
    It sounds like you are having a fun summer too! I hope you had fun on the cruise and you got to see some dolphins. My family did that one year but it was really foggy so we didn’t see any dolphins which was disappointing. Thanks for the comment and enjoy the rest of the summer!
    Mrs. Schmidt

  3. Hi Mrs.Schmidt! I went to the beach in Toms River for my Uncle Charlie’s wedding in June I was the flower girl. Then I went to the boardwalk in seaside heights and went on the rides. Then I was a flower girl in my cousin Kristen’s wedding at the end of June. We have gone to sesame place it was so fun and I even got wet by that big bucket of water it was so fun and Swimming with friends at the pool. I hope I can do it again I can’t wait to see you this year!)

    • Hi Anna!
      Sounds like you are having a great summer! Weren’t you lucky to be in TWO weddings! I’ll bet you looked really pretty.
      When I was at Sesame Place, we went on the rubber ducky ride. When we were sitting in the raft right before we went down, the ride worker poured a bucket of water on my head! My family thought that was really funny.
      Thanks for the comment and I’ll see you in a few weeks.
      Mrs. Schmidt

  4. Dear Mrs. Schmidt,

    I was very interested to see your blog. It looks like you had a great summer and I did too. I went to Williamsburg, Virgina with my family to Busch Gardens and to see the sites. I also went to Luray Caverns which are underground caves that are over 4,000,000 centuries old. It was so awesome! I also went to the shore. I can’t wait to see everybody at school! Tyler

    • Hi Tyler!
      I’ll bet you had a lot of fun at Busch Gardens! We really wanted to go there this summer. Because it is owned by the same company as Sesame Place, my daughters could have gotten us all in for free. But we ran out of time:( Maybe next year. The caves sound really neat. I’ll look forward to hearing more about them. Thanks for the comment and I’ll see you soon!
      Mrs. Schmidt

  5. Dear Mrs. Schmidt,
    Hi Mrs. Schmidt my name is Colin. Which beach do you go to? I go to North Wildwood. This summer I went to the beach. My favorite part about going to the beach is body surfing on my dads back. On the way back home my sisters and I wanted to go to the nature center
    and we learned all about horseshoe crabs. See you soon!

  6. Hi Colin!
    I went to North Wildwood too! We were there the first week in August. Your dad is nice to let you body surf on his back. Do you like to get ice cream on the beach from the Fudgy Wudgy man? Have a great weekend and I’ll see you next week!
    Mrs. Schmidt

  7. Dear Mrs.Schmidt,
    It was really fun reading about your summer! I’m sad that the summer is over but I am very excited to have you as my teacher this year! Are you ready for school to start?
    See you tomorrow,

  8. Hi Sophia!
    I am a little bit sad that summer is over too, but we are going to have lots of fun in 3rd grade this year! I’m glad you are excited. I can’t wait to use the new iPads that the school was able to buy! I have all sorts of fun things we can do with them in class.
    See you tomorrow!
    Mrs. Schmidt

  9. Hi Mrs Schmidt,
    We moved from Palm City, Florida this summer to Newtown Pa. We first spent the summer at my grandma and grandpa house in Pensacola Fl. We went to a water park, saw the Blue Angles at an airshow on the beach. We also climbed a lighthouse that had 174 steps to the top. And when we got there we saw the Blue Angles take off! I got to make my own milk shakes at Chick-fil-a because my Aunt and Uncle own the one in Gulf Breeze Florida!
    I am excited about meeting you!
    Peter Patrick

  10. I started the summer off by going on an awesome cruise. I visited Bermuda, St.Martin,San Juan, and Labadee. I had a really fun time on the cruise with my family and grandparents and the friends that I met! I really had a fun time and want to go back! After the cruise was over we went to my beach house in Sea Isle City. At the beach I swam, played in the sand, and played games with my friends, played soccer on the beach.I also did a soccer and basketball camp. I had the best summer ever!

  11. Hi Mrs. Schmidt! I had a great first day.
    I am so excited for the school year. This summer I went to the movies and I saw The Giver and Step Up All In. I helped my Dad work on the house sometimes. I had a great time. My cousin’s Bat Mitzvah is on Saturday and I can’t wait!!!

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